Advice For Marathon Running

There’s certain physical challenges that most people aspire to at some point in their life. Climb Mount Everest is a biggie, and one that the majority of people won’t even attempt to do. Doing 100 push ups in a row is a smaller scale target for strength and fitness. So let’s go somewhere in between. Running a marathon takes dedication, motivation and lots and lots of training. But millions of people have run marathons, so if you put your mind to it you know you’ll be able to do it. If you don’t feel like your mind is enough to take on a marathon alone, then check out this article that’s full of tips for ticking this one off the bucket list. Ready, set, go! Continue reading “Advice For Marathon Running”

Improving Your Vertical Jump

Most sports require a blend of skill and physical fitness, with elements of fitness often being the key to success in that sport. Take boxing for example. You could be very good technically, but all it takes is for someone with immense knockout power to put you on your back. For basketball, having a high vertical leap will springboard you over opponents and add to your game in a plethora of ways. You can be a threat for alley oops, you’ll be a better shot blocker and in turn it will be hard for opposing players to block your shot. In volleyball, it may help even more than basketball, as being able to jump higher than anyone on the other team gives yours a great advantage. So if you play one of these sports or just want to improve your jump in general, then keep reading this article with the tips on improving your vertical jump. Continue reading “Improving Your Vertical Jump”

Boxing Training At Home

For some people, to box means walking into the old building in the rough part of town, setting foot in an underground gym and just start hitting bags and doing push ups. While this is the traditional method of boxing training, you can do it from the comfort of your own home. All you need is one of the characteristics any successful boxer has, determination. With these training tips, you can be your own coach and get fit with boxing within the confines of your home. Try these out and get the fitness results you’ve always wanted. Continue reading “Boxing Training At Home”