Injury prevention tips

Most of us love playing sports, some are a bit more prone to injuries than others. Sports are great, they help us keep our bodies fit and in good shape. However injuring yourself could potentially put you off work.

Injury Risks
All sports have a chance of causing an injury. Fortunately for us though the benefits of playing sports outweigh the risks! The more contact in a sport will increase the risk of traumatic injury, like Rugby or Boxing. The majority of injuries athletes get though are because of the amount of time they play sports. Overuse is the biggest cause of traumatic injury in sports!

More frequent types of injuries are sprains which are injuries to ligaments, strains which are injuries to muscles and stress fractures which are injuries to the bones. Injuries can occur when an excessive amount of stress is placed on your bones, muscles, joints and tendons.

To reduce the risk of injury:

If you really want to prevent an injury you should ensure you have a day off at a week from training. You should also wear the right gear and make sure the gear fits properly so neck, shoulder, elbow, chest, knee and shin pads, helmets, mouthpieces, face guards, protective cups, and eyewear should all fit you properly.

Young athletes shouldn’t think that just because you’re wearing protective gear you won’t get any injuries. Strengthen your muscles and do conditioning exercises to strengthen your body for the sport you play. Increase your flexibility too, stretching should be done before and after practices and games too. Stretching should be a part of your daily fitness plan too and this will help prevent injuries.

Play safe too, no headfirst sliding in softball, no spearing in football etc. You should also never play through pain and be careful when the weather is warm. Drink plenty of fluid before, during and after exercising or playing games. You should decrease or stop training/playing if it’s really warm or wear lighter clothing.


The last thing you need is to become ill or get injured that cause you to have to take time off work. If you work in a physically required job and break a leg you’re not going to be able to work which means you won’t be able to bring income in. This adds more stress and the whole thing can end up being quite a problem.  This is where things like Income protection come in and it’s definitely something to consider if you’re playing a contact sport. Places like can help you with choosing the right plan for you.

It’s definitely something to consider and you’ll be extremely glad if it ever came to you actually claiming. The packages usually aren’t too expensive but they do take your scenario into consideration, so if you smoke, play rugby or do mma, drink alcohol etc you might be paying a bit more.

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