Cancer Fighting Foods


Cancer fighting foods

in 2014 there were 356,860 new cases of cancer reported in the UK, according to Cancer Research UK. Their research shows that about 9% of these cases could have been prevented by changes to diet. 9% may seem like relatively small amount of cases but that is over 32,000 cases of cancer that could have been prevented by some simple changes in diet. Lack of fruit and vegetables in your everyday diet is one of the leading cause of cancers attributed to dietary factors, followed by eating excess red meat and processed meats.

There are many ways to incorporate more fruits and vegetable into your diet, get creative and, somewhat adventurous, with your meal planning and you will be on the path to healthier living.

We have listed some of our favourite veggie recipes below along with the benefits of the vegetable it uses.


For a healthier version of mashed potatoes experiment with using diced callower in place of the potatoes. Lightly boil the cauliflower until soft and then mash and add additions the same way as you would with normal mashed potatoes.

Cauliflower has been shown to be in high in antioxidants that  can help prevent prostate and breast cancer.

Find out more about the connect between breast and prostate cancer here.


Roasted carrot sticks are a delicious alternative to deep fried potatoes. Peel carrots and slice into sticks that are about about an inch and a half wide. Parboil the carrots in boiling water for 5 minutes and drain the carrots. Place the carrots in a bowl and then drizzle with olive oil, add some herbs and a splash of vinegar for a tangy flavour. Transfer the carrot sticks to a roasting plan and roast in the oven at gas mark 6 for about 20 minutes.

The beta carotenes in carrots not only give them their orange colour but they also help fight against a large variety of cancers including lung cancer.

Find out more about lung cancer and it’s treatments at the LOC.


Add kale to fresh salads for a crunchy mouth feel that has been shown to inhibit tour growth. Some varieties of kales can be quite bitter and require some form of cooking, however curly kale makes for a tasty addition to salads.

If you don’t like the taste of kale but want to get the health benefits of it, and you have access to a juicer, try a mixture of grapes and kale.  Red grapes are great at masking the kale taste and also have anti cancer befits of their own.

Find out more about the health benefits of kale here.


Use more seasonings! Chilli peppers, garlic and turmeric have anti-cancer, immune building and anti-inflammatory properties respectively, adding more of these to your everyday dishes will have positive health effects.

Speak to your doctor or a nutritionist if you have questions about foods that could be helpful to your overall well being.  Your local health food store may also be able to offer guidance as to how to incorporate more cancer fighting foods into your diet.

3 Healthy Brands for Great Snack Options

In your journey to health, it is important to keep balance. If you deprive yourself of anything that isn’t considered super-healthy, you might end up massively binging on bad foods. We are only human and sometimes we just need a little treat during or after a taxing day to keep us going. Why not prevent feeling guilty about eating something “bad” by allowing yourself a healthy, yet still amazingly delicious snack. Nowadays, there are many brands out there you provide you plenty of healthy options. If you know where to look, you will notice some of these brands in supermarkets like Tesco or Sainsbury, though usually a shop like Holland & Barratt will carry a plethora of healthy brands as well.

Graze Boxes

graze snack box

Graze is, pardon the pun, a massive craze. Not only are their snack-packs already perfectly proportioned, Graze is well-aware that you’re not always in the mood for carrots with low-fat hummus. They have amazing options such as high protein flapjacks in various flavours, white chocolate & raspberry and jaffa cake-inspired snack packs. They have a healthier version of all the most popular snacks.

Not only are Graze’s products available in various supermarkets, they still offer their original service: they will post you a variety of 4 snack boxes in the post. When you sign up for this service, you tell them what treats you enjoy most and they then handpick four snacks for you. This is based on a subscription service, and you could get your Graze-boxes delivered straight to your office. What’s not to like?

Of course you don’t have to sign up for their subscription service. If you only want one snack box per week, you can order straight from their website. You can buy in bulk, stash the treats at home and reach for them whenever it strikes your fancy.

Innocent Smoothies

Innocent drink bottles

While you are usually better off eating your fruit and vegetables, sometimes this just isn’t realistic when you have a busy day. Not only are Innocent bottles visually very pleasing, they also offer small juice drinks for those moments on-the-go. It’s ideal when you just like drinking your fruit rather than eating it. Unlike some other juices that have loads of additives, added sugar and other ingredients, Innocent juices and smoothies just contain crushed fruits and juices. Due to Innocent’s preparation process, one serving of juice actually provides one of your recommended 5-a-day, whereas a smoothie provides two portions of your 5-a-day.

Their small bottles of juice and smoothies make perfect snacks and treats. It’s enough to satisfy your sweet tooth, whilst providing fibre, vitamins and more. If you are worried about their sugar content, the drinks do not contain more sugar than is naturally present in the fruit. So, if you come across any critics stating you might as well be eating a donut rather than drinking a glass of smootie, silence them with that bit of information.

Skyr Yoghurt

Marketed as a healthy yogurt, skyr is actually more an Icelandic cheese than a traditional yogurt. It is made with more milk that other yogurt, giving skyr its amazingly thick and creamy texture. Due to the production method, skyr yoghurt is naturally low in fat and high in protein. Nutrionally, skyr can even offer more protein than some protein shakes!

You have probably seen Arla’s skyr yogurt in supermarkets like Tesco or Sainsbury, but even more budget supermarkets like Lidl carry their own brand of delicious skyr. You don’t have to buy a big 500gr pot; instead supermarkets carry smaller snack pots with different flavours – perfect for a quick, fulfilling yet healthy snack to keep you going after a big work-out.

You can also use skyr breakfast, mix in berries, other fruit or some seeds and nuts, and you will have a healthy breakfast that will sustain you for hours.

7 Foods To Help Build Muscle

For many people who aim to increase their muscle mass, the diet is the part that lets them down. Those who don’t stick to a diet specifically intended to build muscle will normally find themselves struggling to put on each and every pound of muscle, that can be lost in a heartbeat. I for one definitely find the easiest part of a training programme to be the lifting weights part. It’s easy enough to turn up to the gym for an hour and bust your hump, but to maintain a focused diet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for months on end is the difficult part. That’s why I’ve made a list of the foods which should be incorporated into every muscle building diet, so pick your favourites and start forming your diet. Continue reading “7 Foods To Help Build Muscle”