Are you smoking yourself to death?

Although we are well educated on the effects of smoking through advertising on cigarette packets and campaigns by our health boards, there is a still majority of the population who refuse to accept the consequences of smoking on our bodies. From emphysema, cancer, diabetes and heart disease, the list of fatal conditions passed on by smoking fumes are endless. However, the good news is that any damage done to your body can be rectified in some way – only if the damage is not too far gone. If you are considering quitting smoking check out our list of conditions that are caused by smoking which you could develop – this may make you change your mind.

Heart Disease

There is scientific evidence to prove that Cardiovascular disease can be brought on by smoking. Conorary heart disease and stroke are just some of the effects of smoking frequently. It damages the lining of your arteries leading to fatty material building up and narrowing the artery. As a consequence, you will be at high risk of a heart attack or stroke. Coupled with a sedentary lifestyle and poor diet, this combination could have serious effects on your mortality and lead to further health complications.


There are many types of cancer which can occur in the body as an effect of smoking. Although these differ, it’s important to understand how smoking can affect your organs, skin and overall health. Fumes pollute your body in irreversible ways causing damage to your quality of life. As a result of persistent smoking, you may develop cancers such as a Gastrointestinal Tumour.  Find out about what your symptoms may mean, treatments and prevention here. By cutting down your intake of cigarettes or ceasing to smoke altogether, you could make a substantial difference to your health and prognosis of such diseases.

Respiratory diseases

Lung disease is a condition that is caused by smoking damage to your airways and small air sacs. Emphysema, chronic bronchitis and many other diseases can be contracted as a result of smoking.   Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is the collective group name for these conditions. Symptoms include breathlessness, chronic wheezing, tiredness, physical exhaustion and frequent chest conditions. The likeness of contracting this disease increases if you smoke – the lungs become inflamed, damaged and narrowed. Although the condition can affect those who do not smoke, COPD is mainly caused by smoking.

To seek advice on quitting smoking or to speak to someone if you experience any symptoms mentioned, make an appointment at your doctor’s surgery or call NHS24.



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