Boxing Training At Home

For some people, to box means walking into the old building in the rough part of town, setting foot in an underground gym and just start hitting bags and doing push ups. While this is the traditional method of boxing training, you can do it from the comfort of your own home. All you need is one of the characteristics any successful boxer has, determination. With these training tips, you can be your own coach and get fit with boxing within the confines of your home. Try these out and get the fitness results you’ve always wanted.

Warm Up

First things first, you need to get your body ready and loose to perform a boxing workout, with the best warm up being a quick run. Obviously in your house you can’t do this, so instead you can try a few replacements. Either run on the spot, run up and down the stairs in your house or those of your close stairwell, or skip. If you don’t have the ropes, then pretend you’re using a rope while making the same action with your feet.

Boxing Workout To Lose Weight

The best way to lose weight with boxing is to carry out a high intensity workout. This workout will last 6 rounds, with each round lasting 3 minutes. You’ll have a minute of rest in between rounds. In each round you’ll follow the same method of first doing the exercise on your left, then your right. The first round is straight left hand punches for 30 seconds, then right, 30 seconds of left hooks, then right and 30 seconds of left uppercuts, then right. Remember to do it as fast as you can, and if it becomes too easy then throw some small dumbbells into the mix.

Shadow Boxing

Shadow boxing requires no equipment, with the possible exception of a mirror, which isn’t a necessity but helps to improve your technique. With shadow boxing, you’ll want to stay light on your feet and throw quick punches. Throw combinations, like a left jab followed by a right cross and then a left hook. Mix it up and do it for 3 minutes non-stop with a minute break, repeating the process 5 times.

Abdominal Workout

Having ripped and defined abs isn’t just an aesthetically pleasing benefit of working out, but it allows you to take harder punches with lessened impact. The best for boxing is circuit ab training, as this involves quickly switching between exercises that work different parts of your core.
Firstly, start with the standard ab exercises, the crunch. Lie on your back with a hand on each ear, look straight at the ceiling and lift yourself up, performing this exercise 15 times. Next, get on your feet, keep your hands on your ears and raise your left, while reaching towards that knee with the right elbow. Repeat on the opposite side then continue until you’ve done 20 on each side. Finally, get back on the floor, lie on your back with your head looking at the ceiling and lift your legs up and down. Keep them straight and don’t let them touch the floor. Do this 12 times. Take a minute break, and repeat twice more.

Boxing endurance

To get boxing fit, you need muscular endurance. That isn’t endurance in terms of running for miles and miles, but endurance in your arms, shoulders and abs too. The best exercise for this is the dreaded burpee. Jump as high as you can, straight up in the air, crouch when you land and perform a squat thrust or press up, then spring back up in the air again. Repeat until failure.

A little word on diet

If you want to get the most out of a boxing workout then you’ll need plenty of energy. This means having a balanced diet which targets all the main food groups while avoiding fatty foods and sweets. Your core will thank you for it. Protein can give you can extra muscle boost if you’re looking to get boxing fit and pack on some muscle. Save yourself some money with a Groupon discount voucher for Myprotein at

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